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WWRC 87-12
Multi-Objective Stochastic Groundwater Management of Nonuniform, Homogeneous Aquifers


Like any other resources planning and management, groundwater management is performed in a stochastic environment in which the system itself involves a number of random elements. Consequences as a result of decisions made based on analyses are not certain. This paper presents a management model using the chance-constrained framework which explicitly considers the random nature of aquifer properties. The model enables the derivation of an optimal groundwater management policy that would satisfy required operation performance reliability. Furthermore, the chance-constrained model is extended to the multi-objective optimization framework in which a tradeoff between total water supply pumpage and system performance reliability is explicitly considered. The models are applied to a hypothetical example of a steady, nonuniform, homogeneous confined aquifer.

Key words. Groundwater management, optimization, uncertainty analysis, reliability, multiple-objective analysis.

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