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Appendix A

NAME                           STATUS
Burman, Robert*		Principal Investigator

Pochop, Larry*		Principal Investigator

Borrelli, John		Principal Investigator 
                          Resigned from the University, Jan 1985

Kerr, Greg*		Research Associate, WWRC
			  Field supervision and operations

Schumaker, Joan		Graduate Student, Water Resources
		  	  Field operations (1983) and data analyses

Crump, Tom		Graduate Student, Civil Engineering
			  Field operations (1983 and 1984)

Baird, Del		Graduate Student, Civil Engineering
			  Field operations (1985) and data analyses

Gao, Fang		Graduate Student, Agricultural Engineering
			  Data analyses and water use modeling

Bajusz, Barbara		Graduate Student, Statistics
			  Data analyses and climatic modeling

Vassar, Angela*		Student Assistant
			  Data management and computer programming

Boelman, Scott		Student Assistant
			  Data analyses and final report assistance

McCrea, Doug		Student Assistant
			  Final report assistance

Wessman, Eric		Student Assistant Vegetative Survey, 1985

Ebsen, Mike		Student Assistant
			  Installation of lysimeters assistance

Pliley, Connie*         Secretarial Staff

Lankford, Ginny         Secretarial Staff

* Were associated with the project for its entire duration.


NAME AND ADDRESS                            STATUS
Applequest, Marvin II		Automated weather station #2
Farson, Wy 82932		Lysimeters 2A and 2B

Carlson, Jay			Automated weather station #5
U.S. Forest Service
Big Piney, Wy 83113

Davidson, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin	Automated weather station #7
P.O. Box 938
Lyman Wy 82937

Kanski, Steve			Lysimeters 3C, 3D, 3E, and 3F
Pinedale, Wy 82941

Radike, Lynn			Automated weather station #1
White Mountain Golf Course
P. 0. Box 1030
Rock Springs, Wy. 82901

Radzay, Jerry			Automated weather station #6
Wyoming Game & Fish Hay Farm	Lysimeters 6A and 6B
Fontonelle Route
Kemmerer, Wy 83101

Roberts, Zack			Automated weather station #4
Daniel, Wy 83115		Lysimeters 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D

Todd, Mr. & Mrs. Ed		Automated weather station #3
P. 0. Box 146			Lysimeters 3A and 3B
Daniel, Wy 83115

Asay, Wayne H.			Cropping and Irrigation Info.
Univ. Ext. Agent, Uinta

Murdock, Robert S.		Cropping and Irrigation Info.
Univ. Ext. Agent, Lincoln

Peterson, Eric			Cropping and Irrigation Info.
Univ. Ext. Agent, Sublette	Vegetative Survey, 1984


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