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WWRC 86-06
The Effects of Selected Grazing Treatments on Channel Morphology and Sediment Within the Riparian Zone of Fifteen Mile Creek


This is the fourth annual report of 15 Mile Creek research, initiated to investigate the relationship of changes in channel morphology, vegetation, and sediment loading to livestock grazing. Report format remains much the same as previous annual reports, with a few exceptions. For one, the section on the livestock grazing studies, while listed in the table of contents, will be issued as a separate addendum as the bulk of that material forms Clay Miller's thesis for his Masters degree. Secondly, a section which lists the data sets and analyses from the project for 1983 to 1985 has been added. As previously, new methodologies are described in full while those previously used and described are only summarized.

We again express our appreciation to Wyoming DEQ, BLM, and the Wyoming Water Research Center for their support in this research effort. Additionally, we express our appreciation to Jay Matthews for his cooperation and assistance in providing and handling livestock.

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