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WWRC 86-05d
Wyoming's Challenge in Riparian Habitat Management

This conference, like many others dealing with riparian habitat management, will emphasize livestock use of the riparian zone. It is easy to focus on the negative aspects of livestock use, but it is the challenge of this conference and Wyoming to look objectively at the multiple use management of the riparian zone. The presentation included (1) trends of livestock grazing and other uses of Wyoming's langelands in which riparian and stream ecosystems occur, (2) implications of these use trends to past and present ecological condition of riparian and stream habitats, (3) range, livestock, and multiple use management approaches that might help improve and maintain desirable riparian and stream ecosystem conditions, and (4) economic development opportunities that riparian and stream ecosystems can provide the rangeland owner and the State of Wyoming. The appeal is for multiple use rather than single use finger pointing, and for true multiple use management of our riparian and stream ecosystems.

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