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WWRC 86-01
Fiscal Year 1985 Program Report


Three research projects were funded under the FY 1985 program which covered topic areas in water quality problems in which organic contaminant transport between groundwater and surface waters was considered, recreational problems in which the effects of reservoir eutrophication on recreational activities and values is being assessed, and groundwater recharge through stream-aquifer interaction along fault zones. Information transfer was done principally through a symposium on Wyoming water problems, extension activities, mailings on available publications, through a newsletter, and participation at several meetings held by groups in the State of Wyoming on water issues.

A field study on the movement of organic contaminants through groundwater to surface streams created by a wood-treating facility and an oil refinery indicated that oily seeps occur into the surface stream and adversely affect the biological activity in the stream. Use of ambient toxicity tests were found to be sensitive enough to detect migration of contaminated groundwater into surface streams.

A recreational based valuation method was developed and sample tested to estimate the effects of change in water quality due to eutrophication of a reservoir on recreational benefits and uses. The method used sampled recreationalists on direct and indirect contact at the reservoir site with a follow-up questionnaire. The sample data indicate a change in user recreational activities due to eutrophication.

A field study is being conducted to investigate stream-aquifer interaction phenomena in fracture permeable Paleozoic rock outcrops. Using streamflow discharge measurements above and below the fracture permeable rock outcrop areas along with well level measurements, quantification of recharge due to streamflow during the entire year has shown that the groundwater system is being recharged directly from the stream at different rates during different times of the year.

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