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WWRC 85-31
Development of Evapotranspiration Crop Coefficients, Climatological Data, and Evapotranspiration Models for the Upper Green River


The project calls for field measurements of evapotranspiration (ET) and the collection of related climatic data during three growing seasons. This phase was completed in October 1985. The next year's efforts will be directed toward the analysis of the data. This progress report summarizes the three years of field data, describes efforts during the past year in analyzing data, and indicates future plans.

The Project's Objectives may be summarized as follows:

  1. Develop grass and alfalfa reference crop estimation procedures for Farson and Fontenelle.
  2. Develop grass and alfalfa reference crop estimation procedures along with mountain meadow ET estimation procedures for Daniel.
  3. To collect detailed climatic data throughout the Green River Basin.
  4. To develop methods of transferring reference crop coefficients throughout the Green River Basin in Wyoming.
  5. Evaluate existing ET models for irrigated agricultural crops, phreatophytes and reservoirs for use in the area.
  6. To obtain additional existing ET data applicable to the Green River Basin in Wyoming.

This listing of objectives involves a modest amount of interpretation and therefore, is slightly different than the original listing. These changes or additions are the result of the extensive experience gained in three years of work on the project.

The numerical results and any conclusions shown in this project are tentative in nature and should not be used in publications as being final in nature. Changes may result from reviews, analyses, and the use of additional data that is only now being compiled. It is anticipated that any changes between these and data and conclusions in the final project report will be minor in nature.

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