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WWRC 85-21
Design Information for Evaporation Ponds in Wyoming


This publication is a summary of a study to develop design information for disposal of wastewater by evaporation in Wyoming. The specific objectives of the study were to: (1) determine models most suitable to Wyoming for defining evaporation from water, soil, vegetative, and ice surfaces, based on current state-of-the-art procedures and available data, and (2) statistically describe monthly, seasonal and/or yearly variations in evaporation through frequency distributions as well as predict expected average annual evaporation losses. A more detailed presentation of the results of the study are available in the final report (Pochop, et at. 1985) of the project submitted to the Wyoming Water Research Center.

Comparison of equations which estimate evaporation using climatological data showed that the Kohler-Nordenson-Fox equation provided monthly and annual evaporation estimates having statistics more closely resembling those of measured pan data than any of seven other equations tested. Monthly and annual means, standard deviations, and highest and lowest evaporation and net evaporation values have been calculated for seven Wyoming stations.

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