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Acid Deposition in the Wind River Mountains1/


National attention has been focused on the discovery of acidified lakes in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and elsewhere in Hew England. It is commonly believed that the west, in particular the Rocky Mountain Region, is still pristine so far as acid deposition is concerned. The initial results of a USDA-Forest Service long-term monitoring program in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming, indicate the potential for damage from acid precipitation exists at the present time. This monitoring program was undertaken due to development of natural gas refining facilities in southwest Wyoming, upwind of the Bridger and Fitzpatrick Wildernesses. These natural gas facilities, in combination with trona processing plants and coal-fueled power generators, also in southwest Wyoming, produce a sizeable amount of S02 and NOx acid precursors. This paper will discuss the initial results of the monitoring effort.

1/ This article first appeared in the "Proceedings of Watershed Management in The Eighties-New Direction" held during the annual convention of the American Society of Civil Engineers, April 30-May 1, 1985, Denver, Colorado.

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