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WWRC 85-17(e)
USDA Water Information Management for Economic Research


The Water Branch, Natural Resource Economics Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture has the mission to anticipate and conduct a program of national research on issues related to water of importance to agriculture and rural communities. In order to perform this mission, analysts must be aware of and have access to data and models describing water supply, quality and demand and the interactions between them and the society in which they are measured. The Water Information Management System (WIMS) is designed to meet that need.

More than 300 data bases and models have been identified and entered into the Directory of Water Information Systems. Digital documentation is available for the system and I will be demonstrating it on a Compaq at the Symposium.

The WIMS also classifies data bases and models according to access frequency and outlines a system for organizing, documenting and maintaining the information in each category. Micro computer hardware complements and software packages are identified and their integration discussed and demonstrated using data from the 1978 and 1982 Census of Agriculture.

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