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WWRC 85-14A
Reference Manual - Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS)

Scope and Purpose

The Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS) model was developed as a tool for the Bighorn River Adjudication in Wyoming. WIRSOS is an accounting model and was designed specifically to analyze Federal reserved water right claims and the impact of these claims on State-awarded water rights by simulating actual stream basin operations, including streamflows, water rights, diversion, storage and related activities. The WIRSOS Reference Manual describes the background of WIRSOS development and the logic and criteria used by the model in processing water rights. A program listing and accompanying flowcharts are included in the Reference Manual.

The WIRSOS User's Manual has been developed as a companion volume to the WIRSOS Reference Manual and specifically addresses the use of the WIRSOS model on the Boeing Computer Services CRAY and CDC Cyber operating systems. The User's Manual stands on its own for purposes of data setup, data checking, submittal of model for execution, and data output processing.

The User's Manual provides a description of data input in content and format (Chapter II) with sample input data in Appendix A. The programs and procedure files for checking data, processing data, and processing model output are discussed in Chapter III. The programs used to check and process data are listed in Appendices B, C and D. In addition, a thorough description of model output is included in Chapter IV with sample output data in Appendix E.

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