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WWRC 85-14
User's Manual - Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS)

Scope and Purpose

The Wyoming Integrated River System Operation Study (WIRSOS) Model is a computer model developed for the State of Wyoming as a tool for defining and quantifying the impact of Federal claims for reserved rights, including Indian rights, on State-awarded water rights in connection with the general adjudication of water rights in the Bighorn River Basin of Wyoming. Because the model was originally developed and used in connection with a litigation proceeding, only minimum documentation of the model logic and application procedures was produced during the active litigation process.

The State of Wyoming now proposes to utilize the WIRSOS model as a tool for evaluating water resource projects and administering the State's water resources. This WIRSOS REFERENCE MANUAL and the accompanying WIRSOS USER'S MANUAL have been prepared to provide a means of transferring the technology involved in developing and utilizing the WIRSOS Model from Leonard Rice Consulting Water Engineers, Inc. (LRCWE), the developers of the model, to the State of Wyoming, under the auspices of the Wyoming Water Research Center at the University of Wyoming.

The purpose of this reference manual is to describe the data needed by and the logic, criteria, and assumptions incorporated in the model. A description of how to use hydrologic data, i.e., virgin flows, consumptive use, ground water return flow patterns, etc., is presented in the WIRSOS User's Manual along with sample data input.

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