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WWRC 85-08
Effects of Selected Grazing Treatments on Channel Morphology and Sediment within the Riparian Zone of Fifteen Mile Creek


This is the third annual report summarizing the effects of selected grazing treatments on channel morphology within the riparian zone of Fifteen Mile Creek. The purpose of this investigation is to relate changes in channel morphology, vegetation and sediment load to livestock grazing. The emphasis of this report has been to summarize results taken from the past two years in the following areas: livestock grazing, vegetation production, stream morphology and soil moisture.

Research activities on the site were initiated in May, 1984 and terminated in October, 1984. Most of the methods used to collect this year's measurements have been described in other annual reports (1982, 1983). Methodologies of studies used for the first time in 1984 have been described in this report.

We express our appreciation to the Wyoming Water Research Center and the Bureau of Land Management for their support in this research effort. In addition, we thank Jay Matthews for his cooperation by providing and moving cattle used in this study.

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