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WWRC 85-04
Modeling Trout Standing Stock in Small Wyoming Streams Based Upon Easily Measured Habitat and Geomorphological Characteristics


The need to assess fishery quality in mountain streams is associated with development of water resources, timber harvest, and recreational use. Available methods to estimate trout standing stocks in streams are labor intensive. A goal in stream habitat assessment is to develop a method that requires little field work, but accurately predicts trout abundance. This report presents regression modes which predict trout abundance in forested mountain areas and in rangeland areas of Wyoming. Independent variables include easily measured instream habitat and geomorphological variables. The models have been validated using field data. The best forest model accounted for 51 percent of the trout standing stock, while the best rangeland model accounted for 64 percent of the variation. A multivariate link was established between instream habitat and geomorphology. Rapid data collection and a mechanism for quick, reliable preliminary decision making should make these models attractive to managers.

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