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WWRC 84-01
Wyoming Water Research Center Progress Report for year 1983

Director's Statement

The State of Wyoming is considered to be a water producing state to the Colorado River Basin, the Snake River Basin, and the Missouri River Basin. Approximately 15.5 million acre feet of water is produced in Wyoming annually, with approximately 12 million acre feet obligated for downstream use through compacts and treaties. Wyoming has embarked on a large-scale water development program with the intended purpose of capturing for its use as much of the excess water produced as possible. The problems associated with the capture, diversion, dispersal, and re-use of these water resources are encompassing. In addition, being better able to forecast quantity and quality of water availability to downstream users is extremely important.

To address the problems and generate needed information associated with water conservation, development, and re-use, a truly interdisciplinary effort, well-managed and coordinated, is essential. The Wyoming Water Research Center is organized in such a manner and can call on the diverse set of disciplinary expertise necessary to address key issues for the state and the region.

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